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The Regional Cancer Care Center of Angola

The Regional Cancer Care Center of Angola, located adjacent to Cameron Hospital at 516 E. Maumees St., Angola, provides patients with some of the most advanced cancer treatments in the region. Sophisticated technology, access to new treatments and medications, and physicians and staff dedicated to caring for the cancer patient are just some of what make cancer care at the Regional Cancer Care Center so powerful.

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, Parkview Health System, and Radiation Oncology Associates (Fort Wayne) have partnered to create The Regional Cancer Center of Angola, bringing radiation, and chemotherapy and other services to Angola.

The facility houses a linear accelerator, a high-tech treatment device that provides radiation therapy. This technology delivers an external beam of radiation through the skin to the tumor. The high energy x-ray beams produced by the accelerator kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

The Regional Cancer Care Center also provides "simulation and treatment planning." This sophisticated computer system helps cancer specialists guide a beam of radiation through the body to pinpoint the tumor. Using computer-modeling technology, specialists can deliver the appropriate dose of radiation, while sparing healthy tissue. Chemotherapy treatments are available at the center as well.

Because of the center's close proximity to Cameron, the hospital provides valuable ancillary services for cancer patients, such as laboratory testing and diagnostic exams, which include CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine scans, mammography, ultrasound, PET scans, as well as services such as home care and hospice for recovering and after-care.

The Regional Cancer Care Center is committed to improving technology and continually evaluating and updating its programs to provide patients with current technology and treatment. This is a reflection of the center's commitment to being the area leader in cancer care.

Clinical Research
In cooperation with the National Cancer Center and medical centers like the University of Chicago, cancer specialists at the center participate in state and national research projects. The research brings the newest technology, procedures, and medicines to patients and heightens the intellectual awareness of physicians and other health professionals.

Dedicated Staff
The physicians and staff of the Regional Cancer Care Center are dedicated to taking care of cancer patients and their families. Specially trained nurses provide care that is responsive to the cancer patient's needs, concerns, and feelings. The cancer treatment staff includes radiation and medical oncologists, radiation therapists and physicists, nurses, and other specialists.

Regional Outreach
The Regional Cancer Care Center works closely with hospitals and physicians in the surrounding counties. In addition, the Cancer Care Center has established relationships with important community organizations, to provide patients and families with access to the latest information and the best possible care.

Prevention Programs
The Regional Cancer Care Center is also dedicated to improving the health of the community through education and prevention programs.

Treatment Methods


Chemotherapy is the use of medications to control cancer. It can be administered by mouth in a capsule or tablet, by injection, intravenously, or intraperitoneal (in the abdomen). Chemotherapy kills cancer cells and keeps new ones from growing.

Radiation Therapy
External bean therapy involves an external delivery of radiation through the skin. A machine called a linear accelerator aims the radiation to a distinct area, protecting nondiseased organs.

Biological Response Modifiers (Immunotherapy)
Biological response modifiers (BMRs) are another treatment option for cancer patients. BMRs are agents that can assist, restore, or change a patient's immune system, directly kill cancer cells, or interfere with the internal mechanisms of cancer cells.

Types of BMRs available at the Regional Cancer Care Center in Angola may include colony stimulating factors, Interferon, Interleukin, and monoclonal antibodies. Parkview Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the state to administer a monoclonal antibody to treat non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Support Services
The Regional Cancer Care Center offers support services to its patients that enhance traditional care. Patients may ask their caregivers about any of the following services:
The Patient Education Library
Hospice services
Home health
Support groups
Nutrition counseling

Regional Cancer Care Center of Angola
516 E. Maumee St.
Angola, IN 46703
(260) 624-2120
(866) 624-2120