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Cameron's Community Health Needs Assessment

Cameron Hospital recently worked with area community leaders and the Indiana Rural Health Association to complete a study of the needs of the Steuben County community. Guidance from the Internal Revenue Service requires that hospitals, as part of their requirements associated with maintaining tax-exempt status, must conduct a community needs assessment and demonstrate responsiveness to the identified needs every three years. While the assessment is a regulatory requirement, it is also a crucial part of fulfilling our stewardship role for the communities we serve.

Below are links to the complete 2016 report, and the appendices affiliated with the report, as well as the 2013 report. Thank you for your interest in our process and in the findings. If you have questions about the Community Health Needs Assessment, please call (260) 667-5337.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

Cameron Community Health Needs Assessment

Appendix A- Resources & Reference Materials

Appendix B- Focus Group Documents

Appendix C- Survey

Appendix D- Existing Facilities

Cameron Implementation Strategy

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment